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We at White Optics and Funk Designs just wanted to let you know that we are here to help you in these troubled times and that we are taking the necessary steps to ensure our service to you is not affected.
Following government instruction we have had to close our office to protect our workforce but we will operate a scaled down service to fulfil any orders you send to us.
If you have orders please use one of the following methods of communication :
· Ordering through this website- You will have to register to be able to access this system but it is very easy to do…simply follow the on line instructions where you are asked to REGISTER
· Call your White Optics rep or agent and your call will be forwarded
· E mail :
 We will advise when the office is back open and wish you and your business well both now, and in the future.
Register Online
We are all experiencing new ways of doing things in light of the present situation we find ourselves in.
White Optics and Funk Designs are still receiving and sending out orders on a regular basis.
We just wanted to remind you that you can order our frames via e-mail to or via our very efficient on-line ordering system.
To register for the on line ordering system please use the following link: Register Online
We hope things will slowly get back to normal and everyone’s social distancing will become a thing of the past…but in the meantime here are our ways of keeping our service to you intact.
When our office re opens you will, of course, be able to call and speak to a real person who will accept your orders !
From the team at White Optics and Funk Designs.
Register Online
We have been looking into information that will help you in readiness for a phased return to work.

There is a great deal of information out there but we have narrowed this down to the official stance from the Royal College of Optometry. Please see the link :

In addition to this we have located the specific information for optical practices and the PPE that you will require:

As a company we have looked into providing PPE for all our customers but can not provide competitive enough prices for you.

Our suggestion is to look online where all the kit is readily available to order.

If you need any further help please contact us via e mail.

Looking forwards to getting back to normal.

The team at White Optics and Funk Designs.